Mining Surveys

We have been involved in the development and on going survey support for many of the mines throughout the north, such as the Ekati Mine, the Diavik Mine, DeBeers Snap Lake Project, Jericho Mine and the Gahcho Kue’ project for DeBeers at Kennady Lake.

Below is a list of some of the mining related survey services we provide.

Mineral Claim Surveys
The staff of Sub-Arctic have extensive experience conducting mineral claims in the Northwest Territories and Nunavut. Sub-Arctic have surveyed over 2,000 mineral claims and have a thorough knowledge the mineral claim staking regulations and the requirements for survey of mineral claims. Mineral claims south of the tree line can be surveyed during the summer or winter months while the mineral claims staked in the barren lands can only be surveyed during the period mid-June to mid-September when there is no snow on the ground.

Mining Development
Sub-Arctic provides survey support for existing mines whether it be for special projects such as pipelines, pre-engineering surveys, topographic surveys, runway construction, control surveys, sump construction and pile and foundation layouts. Sub-Arctic also provides open pit and underground surveyors for operating mines and mines being developed.

High Precision Monitoring and Control Surveys
Using high precision equipment, we have measured year-to-year changes in structures throughout the north. This includes earth-dams, ice-roads and buildings. We are able to create control networks for any size of project, site, highway or community. Using high precision survey instruments combined with excellent survey practices and redundant measurements, we can provide accurate survey control, anywhere.

We can provide survey support for reclaimation projects, including site mapping, planning, quantity surveys, as-builts and earthworks.

Quantity Surveys
Accurate and cost-efficient volumetric surveys in any location.

Drill/Blast Support
Layout of drill holes and grades.

Pile Layout
We can ensure piles are placed accurately to save project time and costs.

Building Layout Topographic Surveys